woensdag 4 januari 2012

Wat vooraf ging

"Tine mbudzi kwese kwese". Those were the titles of my regular
communication (I think I wrote 70 and an Epilogue in three years) when
we were posted in Zimbabwe from 2002-2005.
And in the years to follow, my writing diminished seriously.....to about
one or two a year, the likes of these: an end-of-year mail. Basically
The Hague was nice, but not so exciting to write about. We were far too
busy with our career/family life balance anyway, and if I remember well
most of our end-of-year letters were exactly about that. Not that I
think too lightly of that challenge; no, and if it hadn't been for the
strong support of my parents and Mette's mom helping in the family
business, one of us would have collapsed already.